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Welcome in the weather report section. Where you can find all you need to enjoy your holiday safety in Tuscany ( Italy) You'll also get a lot of information useful for your sailing.
(four update in a day)
(four update in a day)
Picture from Meteo France .

The wind around the mountains of the Tuscan Archipelago (Italy).

Rising high from the sea level the islands of the Tuscany must be taken into consideration to understand which direction the wind will blow when you are at sea.
The natives call "cuttle fish" the threadlike clouds that forecast furious south-westerly gales from the Corsican Coasts. The clouds over the Gorgona forecast sirocco (sud-est wind), while Mount Capanne, in the isle of Elba, when covered with cumuli, forecasts strong north-west winds. During summer the prevailing winds blow from west north-west, but they usually calm down some hours after sunset. Around the Elba, Capraia and the Continental castline as far as Giannutri, there might be winds blowing from south-est or even spells of dead calm. In the summer afternoons with good weather between Piombino and the Elba you must expect guests of north-west at might. In spring and autumn there may be short local gales, easily identifiable throught a dark unregular line around the isle. The north wind makes the sea rougly while the mists clouding the Apuane forecast Estern winds.

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