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News from Tuscany

Would you like to take part in the regattas which are held in Tuscany with our Dufour 40? We can offer sailing with expert sailiers who will show you all that occours during a Mach Race and, if you are an expert sailor yourself, you will have a useful help from our skippers. For more information about costs also including overnight stay before the regatta you can send an e-mail.

Leghorn, Vada - Rosignano Marittimo, the Vada sailing palio (competition).
The best place for sailing and windsurf lover.

The mild and peculiarly windy
Vada climate makes sailing and windsurfing possible there all the year round.
The Sailing Palio is held there an mid-august holiday and it attracts lots of visitors and lovers of sailing sports. Vada, near Rosignano Marittimo (Cala dè Medici harbour) has also a 5 km long beach and underwather landscapes ideal for lovers of skin diving.

Carrara - Seatec, third review of technologies and subsupplies for shipbuilding

Punta Ala - Winter championship.

Viareggio - Carnival Cup - Mercantile Leasing Trofeo.
Verona - Luxury & Yachts, 3° International luxury exibition
Riva di Traiano - Winter championship.
Lavagna - Winter championship Tigullio gulf.
Fiumicino - Winter championship.
Cala Galera - Argentario Winter championship.
Anzio - Winter championship Anzio-Nettuno.
Sanremo - Winter championship West Liguria.

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