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America's Cup - Special Louis Vuitton Cup ( Act 8 & 9) 2005 Trapani
Etruscan Charter is getting ready for this wonderful event that will take place in Trapani in the period 28th september / 9th october 2005 (Act 8 & 9). Etruscan Charter will be present with two sail boats anchored in the port of Trapani (Dufour 40 and Bavaria 44). For information and booking contact us at any moment. hire out rental

Emirates Team NEW ZELAND
The present Emirates Team New Zeland has its roots in the successful 1995 challenge. The New Zeland team made on of the strongest campaigns in the America's Cup story. The team which, besides blake, included the guru in yacht design, Mr. Tom Schackenberg & Russel Coutts as steerman, defeated the other challengers without problems and won the America's Cup scoring a triumphal 5-0. In 2000 when the New Zeland team first defended the cup in Auckland, their superiority was clear even against a strong, well-trained team, such as Prada. Russel Coutts left the New Zeland team along with other members for Alinghi, the New Swiss Syndacate. Barker ws asked to lead the team with Schackenberg.

The New Zeland team was obliged to retire from the first regatta for average, in the second they were defeated and in the 4th their mast broke. Alinghi with Russel Coutts as steerman got an easy 5-0 and brought the Cup to Europe. The New Emirates 2000 team has much in common with the 1995 team: in fact Gran Dalton has chosen to lead the Kiwi recovery. The New Zelanders have some of the best sailmakers and builders in the world.
Special Louis Vuitton Cup 2005
Etruscan Carter will be in Trapani from september to october for the most important event of 2005
Yacht Club:
Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
New Zeland
Year of Foundation:
NZL 81, NZL 82
Grant Dalton
Dean Barker

Project Team:
Emirates Team New Zealand
Andy Claughton coordinator

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