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America's Cup - Special Louis Vuitton Cup ( Act 8 & 9) 2005 Trapani
Etruscan Charter is getting ready for this wonderful event that will take place in Trapani in the period 28th september / 9th october 2005 (Act 8 & 9). Etruscan Charter will be present with two sail boats anchored in the port of Trapani (Dufour 40 and Bavaria 44). For information and booking contact us at any moment. hire out rental

BMW ORACLE Racing Team
BMW ORACLE Racing it was founded in 2000 by Larry Ellison who was a fan of the America's Cup. He had founded the Oracle Corporation in 1977. During America's Cup 2003 Ellison didn't train with the rest of the team. He's an excellent sailor and won several world prizes on board Maxi Sayonara. BMW Oracle proved to be strong and weeltrained in Auckland. They got excellent results up to the Louis Vuitton Cup final where they were beaten by Alinghi, the winner of the 31st America's Cup. If we consider the numerous key persons replaced, we can affirm that the results have been extraordinary. The first skipper was Chris Dirkson but he was appointed supervisor of the programme after the defeats of the team in the preliminary heads. He led the team as far as the Louis Vuitton Cup final. For the 32nd edition Dickson will be responsible for any aspect of the team since the very first day. BMW Oracle Racing Team is part of the San Francisco Golden Gate yacht Club.

Alinghi & BMW Oracle will work together to organize the event in Europe. John Kostecki, the winner of the Volvo Ocean Rece, will be a member of the crew as skipper and will be accompanied by Gavin Brady.

Special Louis Vuitton Cup 2005
Etruscan Carter will be in Trapani from september to october for the most important event of 2005
Yacht Club:
Golden Gate Yacht Club

Year of Foundation :

USA 71, USA 76
Larry Ellison
CEO and Skipper:
Chris Dickson
Gavin Brady
ORACLE BMW Racing Design Team
Larry Ellison,
Steve Hayles,
John Kostecki,
Bertrand Pacé

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