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America's Cup - Special Louis Vuitton Cup ( Act 8 & 9) 2005 Trapani
Etruscan Charter is getting ready for this wonderful event that will take place in Trapani in the period 28th september / 9th october 2005 (Act 8 & 9). Etruscan Charter will be present with two sail boats anchored in the port of Trapani (Dufour 40 and Bavaria 44). For information and booking contact us at any moment. hire out rental

The 32nd America's Cup
The presence of America's Cup in Europe offer over 150 years from its birth deserved a programme reflecting the importance of the event. Accordingly, a 4 yearly circuit of regattas has been decised , starting of the year 2004, each one of these regattas will represent an Act in itself inside the 32nd America's Cup. The final will take place in 2007 with the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup Match.

For the first time the regatta season will not be limited to the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup Match, but it will include a series of nautical happenings. The regattas and the match race ones will be the opening Acts. They will be held in different resorts and will be open to everybody.

The Acts are an appreciated novelty in the America's Cup, in fact after 1858, even more than 5 years could elapse between events.
It was thought that America's Cup Class regattas should become a more regular event, so the preliminary Acts took new developments, assuring some Act yearly competitions up to the start of the 2007 match. The Acts will allow the teams to confront each offer for a longer time and to attract the attention of the media for longer periods, As the grand final draws near the Acts will get greater importance, in that each of them will hope a different weight in the making of a ranking list for the first rounds of the Louis Vuitton Cup 2007. For all the partecipants in the 32nd America's Cup final 2007, an opening regatta has been organized. After that the teams will challenge one another in the Louis Vuitton Cup and the best will get the right to confront the Alinghi Defender Team in the 32nd Match of the America's Cup.


04/11 september 2004
Marseille Louis Vuitton Cup Act 1
04/12 october 2004
Valencia Louis Vuitton Cup Act 2
14/17 october 2004
Valencia Louis Vuitton Cup Act 3
15/26 july 2005
Valencia Louis Vuitton Cup Act 4 & 5
24/8 - 4/9 september 2005
Svezia Louis Vuitton Cup Act 6 & 7
28/9 - 9/10 october 2005
Trapani Louis Vuitton Cup Act 8 & 9
april - july 2007
Louis Vuitton Cup
Selection Challenger for Match
july 2007
America's Cup
Defender vs Challenger

The Marseille Louis Vuitton Cup Act 1 bears some innovations which have received the partecipants approval. The debut of the trophy in the Mediterranean has taken place in the Marseilles Southern rade. The yachts had a field escort of about 200 boats per day while the America's Cup village were visited by about 50.000 persons in the cours of the week. The international press, numbering about 3.800 journalists confirmed the general approval. The Marseilles week has included both match race regattas and fleet regattas.

Special Louis Vuitton Cup 2005
Etruscan Carter will be in Trapani from september to october for the most important event of 2005


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