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America's Cup - Special Louis Vuitton Cup ( Act 8 & 9) 2005 Trapani
Etruscan Charter is getting ready for this wonderful event that will take place in Trapani in the period 28th september / 9th october 2005 (Act 8 & 9). Etruscan Charter will be present with two sail boats anchored in the port of Trapani (Dufour 40 and Bavaria 44). For information and booking contact us at any moment. hire out rental

Alinghi Team
Alinghi born in 2000 to challege and try to win the America's Cup, on march 2, 2003. Alinghi defeated the New Zeland team, scoring 5-0 and got the 31st America's Cup. After this victory Alinghi will defend the America's Cup in Europe for the first time after 152 years. The Alinghi team is based in Switzerland and belongs to the yacht club representing the Société Natique de Genève.

The Alinghi team want to win the America's Cup 2007 and show their superiority once again. The team will take part into the events prior to the 32nd America's Cup.

The Alinghi Team are duly preparer for the challenge. Mr. Ernesto Bertarelli, CEO of Serono Intl. SA, is the foundamental member in the crew, being the driver. The team general manager is Grant Simmer who is also supervisor for the group that carried out the plan.

Jochen Shuemann is the Team Alinghi sports director, the team includes some of the best sailors in the world: Peter Holmberg & Brad Butterworth, guest to mention some.
Special Louis Vuitton Cup 2005
Etruscan Carter will be in Trapani from september to october for the most important event of 2005
Yacht Club Defender:
Société Nautique de Genève
Switzerland (SUI)
Year of Foundation :
SUI 64, SUI 75
Ernesto Bertarelli
Skipper - Helmsman:
Jochen Schuemann, Peter Holmberg
Rolf Vrolijk, Michael Richelson e Manuel Ruiz de Elvira
Brad Butterworth, Murray Jones, Juan Vila, Jordi Calafat


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